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Red Leather Jackets with Matching Shoes
 By Keith Bass
Genre: Dark Comedy/ Action/ Drama/ Romance/ Date Night
Subject: 1980’s Murder Mystery in Los Angeles.
A Detective (whose love life is on the rocks) and her partner find themselves in a bind trying to solve a murder gone wrong, as she finds out from an unusual source that her new love's interest share a unique fashion statement. 
Red Leather Jackets with Matching Shoes: is set in 1980’s Los Angeles. Jimmy Woo witnesses an accidental murder on Steady Teddy Jones’ girlfriend Lisa Ca$h and now finds himself hiding in the basement of his restaurant to protect his life. His only hope is that Detectives Murphy & Malone (who start to fall in love with each other) can stop Rikki Rock’s son Snooty Scott & his partner in crime, Fat Daddy Ray from getting away with murder, framing Teddy, and taking over his father’s empire which is promised to Steady Teddy Jones. 
Now, Wilma Woo (Jimmy’s wife) along with London John and Wanda, help her to fill Jimmy’s void at the restaurant, have only one major issue. None of them know how to make Chinese food. These three characters find themselves doing everything they can do to hide Jimmy from Scott and Ray who embark on a wild goose chase around L.A., to find Jimmy after they found out by Rico “Teddy’s neighbor” that he witnessed the murder. The case is not easy to solve as Lieutenant Peculiar Stan is always getting in the way of things, but  “The Black Hands of Controversy” & “Big Bad Mama" cook up a plan to get rid of Stan and help Malone and Murphy solve the case. 
Finally, Murphy finds out by opening one of Jimmy Woos fortunes cookies that her new love interest will be wearing a Red Leather Jacket & Matching Shoes “Detective Malone”. The creator ‘Keith Bass” reveals this in the final scene of the film. 
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